Little Brother is Here!

Maybe he was just trying to keep up with big brother already, but little brother surprised us this week by deciding he was ready for the world 11 days before his due date.  (Big brother was a week early - I am a lucky mama to have two early and healthy babies.)  We are home… Continue reading Little Brother is Here!


My First Day As a Working Mom

I'll begin a run down of my first day as a working mom with the night before. Sunday night, 7:30pm - We start Jack's bedtime routine.  Bath - lotion - nurse - swaddle - sleep.  He goes to sleep about 8:15pm. 8:45pm - Benzo and I watch the new episode of True Blood.  We go… Continue reading My First Day As a Working Mom


Happy Valentine’s Day

Yesterday when I logged into WordPress I noticed immediately that the hits on my blog have been climbing steadily over the past few days and were at one of their highest peaks yesterday.  I thought to myself, "that's odd, considering I haven't posted in over a week."  Then I looked at the stats and saw… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day