Blog Assembly: September 2010

Good morning!  I usually do my blog round-up on the last day of the month, but since I posted about clothes yesterday I decided to throw this one up today.  And this is good Friday reading.  I’m so glad its the weekend!  Benzo and I have special dinner plans tonight that I am really looking forward to.  Anywho, here are a few blog posts I read this month that I really enjoyed.

Knowledge as motivationUnclutterer

I so related to this article!  The more I know about a chore, the more excited I am to do it.  That’s why I don’t mind doing bills and budgeting.  I actually know a bit about that stuff from school, so I like to apply it to real life.  I should do some research on dishwashers and bathrooms to see if that ups my motivation because I really dislike emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the bathroom.

Could More Meat Mean Weaker Bones?  Why to Up Your Veggie IntakeWhole Living Daily

I thought this was an interesting article on calcium and bones.  The article points out that bone loss may not be caused by just a lack of calcium in the diet but also by too much animal protein. 

Vegan Pumpkin Ice CreamI Eat Trees

I love all things pumpkin, so I was super excited when Keri posted this dairy-free pumpkin ice cream recipe from the book Lick It!   I have some cooked pumpkin puree in my freezer from last year’s garden that would be perfect in this recipe.  I’m hoping for an opportunity to make this recipe really soon!

just say no! The Kind Life

I hadn’t been on The Kind Life in awhile, so yesterday I was catching up on some posts and came across this one where Alicia suggests that we refuse plastic silverwear with our take out orders and instead use reusable utensils.  It makes perfect sense!  We use reusable shopping bags and coffee mugs, so why not silverwear?  But what really caught my eye was the cute picture at the top of the post of bamboo silverwear in a cute pink travel pouch.  I could keep this little pouch in my purse and whip it out at any restaurant that uses plastic.  Save some plastic and reduce trash – it’s a win-win! 

 You can buy these cute utensils on To-Go Ware’s website.  They seem very inexpensive.  The set pictured on The Kind Life’s website is on sale for $14.95 right now.  There are also some sets for $11.95 and just the utensils without the carrying bag is only $5.95 if you want to make your own bag.  I think I’m definitely going to order some.


Well that’s all for the blog round-up this month.  Have a great day friends!  It’s Friday!  I’m off to get ready for work now.  I’m excited to pick my first outfit for Project 333!  I’ll be posting my official list this weekend (I’m actually still on the fence about a few things!).


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