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Ten Ways to Use a Garden Full of Cucumbers

I'm not sure what we did differently this year, but the cucumber plants in our backyard garden have been exploding!  We currently have eight cucumbers sitting on the kitchen counter and I bet four more will be ready to pick tomorrow.  Cutting and slicing them raw is delicious, but it does get old after awhile. … Continue reading Ten Ways to Use a Garden Full of Cucumbers


Strawberry Blooms!

I am beyond excited to see my strawberry plants blooming. I planted my strawberry patch last year.  I ordered a set of 25 everbearing strawberry plants from Stark Brothers Nursery for $12 plus shipping.  I think it was the Tristar variety though I am not completely positive (it was a year ago after all). I… Continue reading Strawberry Blooms!


Garden Update – May 2013

I've been politely ignoring the blog for the past few weeks. It would nudge me and whisper "please write something" and I would quietly respond "I'm just too busy right now, maybe tomorrow."  Which promptly turned into three weeks. I think. Anywho I've neglected to mention on here that we are expecting another baby at… Continue reading Garden Update – May 2013


Seedlings! Garden 2013 Begins!

Our seedlings have finally started sprouting!! In the picture below we have two pots of Roma tomatoes getting started in the world. We planted seeds almost two weeks ago on President's Day. We are using our old seeds from 4-5 years ago so I wasn't sure if they would even sprout. We planted 2 pots… Continue reading Seedlings! Garden 2013 Begins!


Seed Starting – 2011

It seems weird to write about the garden when it is sleeting outside right now.  Yes it is actually sleeting.  I just drove home in it after having dinner at my brother's place.  This time of year in the midwest can be depressing because we have been teased with 70 and even 80 degree weather only to… Continue reading Seed Starting – 2011


Garden Plan – 2011

It's about that time of year.  Time to start planning for this year's garden!!! I always start getting excited for the garden in January.  The holidays are over and it's usually freezing cold or snowing.  Thinking about the garden cheers me up in an otherwise dreary season. This year will be my fourth year of… Continue reading Garden Plan – 2011