Nobody’s Perfect

This morning I wanted to share this tidbit from Real Simple’s February 2011 issue that I read over the weekend.  It’s from an article called “5 Things Worth Admitting To” in the Life Lessons section.

“Your house is usually a disaster area.
The next time you entertain, don’t pretend that your place always looks perfect.  It’s as annoying as a stick-thin model saying she eats like a horse.  If someone compliments your home, be honest and say, ‘I’ve spent the last two days cleaning up.  You have no idea what was behind this sideboard.’  It’s impossible to keep it together at all times.  Wouldn’t you rather be friends with someone who owns up to her imperfections?  I know I would.
-Yifat Oren is an event planner in Los Angeles

This paragraph rang true with me, not just in entertaining but in all parts of life.  Too often I want to appear perfect and like I have it all together.  I know many other people feel the same way.  But I’ll bet if you pulled back the veil on homes across the country, we would find that no one has it all together and leads the “perfect” life.  Wouldn’t it be a lot less stressful if we were all just honest about it? 


One thought on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. ugh, this is so true. Not like my house really is a disaster zone but I DO spend the whole day cleaning before I entertain.

    Now that I’m a stay at home mom things are much better. I can keep up and not be doing five million things every day. I love how my life has slowed down a tiny bit and I can enjoy my home and my baby.

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