I Made Bread

I’m so proud of myself.  I made a loaf of bread today.  I actually took the cheater’s way out and used my bread machine.  But then I thought, who cares?  If I have a bread maker I might as well use it!  I get the same result in the end and it’s a lot less work. 

I haven’t used my bread maker in a long time so it was nice to get it back out and flip through the recipe book.  I made a simple summer wheat loaf to use this week for sandwiches and toast.  Whenever I make bread, either in the machine or by hand, I’m always worried that it won’t rise.  Today my loaf rose up perfectly.  The bread tastes great too.  I had to have a test slice!

I’m hoping to get into a routine of always making my own bread.  Homemade bread has less ingredients and it’s cheaper than buying it at the store.  Especially if you want organic bread.  That stuff costs an arm and a leg!

I’m off to bed now.  By the way I posted my meal plan for this week if anyone is interested in that sort of thing.  Hope you had a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “I Made Bread

  1. I’ve always made bread by hand. I’ve never tried it with a stand mixer, and I’ve never had a bread machine. My husband once said, “Why don’t you get a bread machine? Then you could make bread every day.” I said “That’s precisely why I don’t have one!” My name is Jean; I’m a breadaholic. If I made bread everyday, I’d be buying a new wardrobe every couple weeks!

  2. The bad thing about the bread machine is washing the pan. It’s kind of a pain. Oh who am I kidding it’s a pain to wash ANY pan!

    P.S. This bread made really good toast this morning!

  3. That looks good! I rarely make bread, but looking at yours I started thinking I should get a bread maker! School is about to start and I’m forever having to run out to the store to buy bread to make school lunches! Any suggestions on which ones are best?

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