Strawberry Blooms!

I am beyond excited to see my strawberry plants blooming. I planted my strawberry patch last year.  I ordered a set of 25 everbearing strawberry plants from Stark Brothers Nursery for $12 plus shipping.  I think it was the Tristar variety though I am not completely positive (it was a year ago after all). I… Continue reading Strawberry Blooms!


Easy Strawberry Syrup

I actually made this over a week ago, but still wanted to go ahead and share it with the blog world.  I woke up one Saturday morning and remembered that we had an entire box of frozen waffles I hadn't even cracked open yet.  I really love frozen waffles.  Movie Mom used to make frozen… Continue reading Easy Strawberry Syrup


Strawberry Protection

The other day, David commented on strawberries and how the birds beat him to his first crop of red strawberries.  It's so frustrating to go out to the garden and find this: Ugh!  A perfect berry is ruined!  The birds love all kinds of berries and will eat your strawberries faster than you can imagine if… Continue reading Strawberry Protection


Freezing and Fonduing Strawberries, But Not Necessarily In That Order

Last night I washed and beheaded that big bowl of strawberries I picked on Sunday.  With the tops it ended up being 5 pounds 12 ounces of strawberries!  This is my first significant strawberry harvest.  I'm so pumped! I wanted to get the majority of the berries in the freezer right away because I know… Continue reading Freezing and Fonduing Strawberries, But Not Necessarily In That Order

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Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt

 Last night after my run I went straight to the garden.  I hadn't been out there since before I left town!  The garden was totally soggy since it had been raining all weekend and all the vegetables were muddy.  I spent almost an hour picking strawberries.  Check out this haul: I haven't weighed it yet… Continue reading Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt


Red Berries First Lettuce

Look what I found in the garden tonight: The strawberries are turning RED!!!!!!  Gah I'm so excited! This guy is almost ready to be picked.  Probably only needs another day or two.  And there were several more like him! I also finally got to pick some lettuce and spinach tonight.  There were some really nice,… Continue reading Red Berries First Lettuce