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The First Berries

Last night I picked the very first strawberry of the season.  I just couldn’t help myself and there was ONE that was beggin’ for a pickin’.

I brought it in the house, washed it, and ate it.  It was DELICIOUS.

Then today I went out to the garden and picked a few more:

I like to weigh the fruits and veggies when I bring them in.  I record most of it in a little book with hopes of one day adding it all up to see how many pounds of food I got out of the garden in one year.  So far I’ve never gotten to the “add it up” part but I’m hopeful this is the year!

I turned my strawberries into this kick-butt parfait for lunch:

Kick-Butt Strawberry Parfait
Serves 1

1 6oz container plain yogurt any kind (I use Whole Soy & Co plain.  I think it’s the best soy yogurt)
Sliced strawberries
Cereal, any kind
Honey to drizzle (or other sweetener)

In a tall glass or pretty dish, layer yogurt, strawberries and cereal in any order you want.  Drizzle honey or other desired sweetener at least once in the middle and again on top. 

My layers were (in order from bottom to top): yogurt, cereal & honey, yogurt, strawberries, yogurt, cereal & honey.  I only had enough berries for one layer, but I would put more in if I could.

For cereal I used Nature’s Path Banana Almond Cereal.  That stuff is good!

I also had backyard salad using the lettuce I picked on Thursday night along with sliced radishes that were picked last Tuesday.

It was delish!  I love fresh lettuce from the garden.

This past Thursday I planted zucchini in the garden so look for a post soon on how to plant zucchini.  I also haven’t forgotten that I promised a post on how to roast a red pepper. 

But for now I’m headed to the east side of the city to hang with Movie Mom and the ILs to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Should be a great time with lots of great food.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “The First Berries

  1. I’m watching the roadsides anxiously for the first fresh-from-the-farm berries! The parfait looks delish. Reminder to self: you’re out of yogurt.

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