Strawberry Blooms!

I am beyond excited to see my strawberry plants blooming.

I planted my strawberry patch last year.  I ordered a set of 25 everbearing strawberry plants from Stark Brothers Nursery for $12 plus shipping.  I think it was the Tristar variety though I am not completely positive (it was a year ago after all).

I had a strawberry patch at my old house that produced tons of berries.  I can’t wait to have that again!

It’s really hard to be patient the first year while the plants are establishing their roots.  You don’t get many berries and the ones you do get are very tiny.

But now the second year is starting and I’m all “bring on the berries!!!”  The plants look great and have even set out a few runners.  Hopefully within another couple years this entire bed will be full!



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