Green Berries Galore

My plans tonight were rescheduled for tomorrow so I had a chance to get out to the garden while it was still sunny and take some pictures (and I was home to watch Glee!).  My strawberries are going insane.

This is my strawberry patch.  It is approximately 18 feet by 12 feet.  I started it with only TWO everbearing plants that I bought on a whim at a nursery in spring 2008.  In just two years it has morphed into this:

The strawberries are a little wild.  They are spreading all over the place!  I am hoping to get them more organized this year.

Even more exciting than blooms is the presence of green berries!

There are tons of green berries in the patch.  Along with more blooms.

Look at this one.  I bet it will be lucious!

They might start turning in a couple more weeks.  I need to look at last year’s garden journal to see when I started picking them last year.

I took tons of pictures in the garden tonight so I’ll post an update on the rest of the plants tomorrow.


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