Bump Watch – 28 Weeks

Thanks everyone for all the great comments on cribs.  I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts.  One of the fun parts of blogging is the comments and interacting with people. Movie Mom told me yesterday that I needed to post a new pregnancy picture so here I am at 28 weeks.  Only 12 weeks to go… Continue reading Bump Watch – 28 Weeks


Bump Watch – 24 Weeks

So here I am in all my pregnant glory at 24 weeks: I hate to say it, but I feel like I look ginormous in this picture.  In real life how big I feel depends on the time of day and what I'm wearing.  I think this lighter sweater is making me look bigger!  🙂 … Continue reading Bump Watch – 24 Weeks

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Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt

 Last night after my run I went straight to the garden.  I hadn't been out there since before I left town!  The garden was totally soggy since it had been raining all weekend and all the vegetables were muddy.  I spent almost an hour picking strawberries.  Check out this haul: I haven't weighed it yet… Continue reading Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt


Clean Bill of Health

During the later half of April after work calmed down, I went to my doctor for all my annual check-ups.  It had actually been three years since my last round of check-ups!  Ooops!  I need to be better about that. The check-ups were all pretty standard, but one thing I wanted to let my doctor… Continue reading Clean Bill of Health