Kool-Aid Dyed Play Silks

Play silks are exactly what they sound like - big pieces of silk you play with.  I ran into the idea when I was searching for non-toy gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers in December.  I found a great list on Nourishing Minimalism, and #16 was play silks.  I had never heard of play silks… Continue reading Kool-Aid Dyed Play Silks


Velcro Stick Art

I mentioned a few weeks ago that for this past Christmas Benzo and I did a lot of DIY gifts for our kids.  One of them was velcro stick art.  We've been playing with it a lot lately so I thought I would share the project on the blog.  It is literally the EASIEST project… Continue reading Velcro Stick Art


Thanksgiving Review

The past two days have been lovely.  Thanksgiving was spent with extended family and tons of great food while Black Friday was a quiet day at home eating lots of leftovers.  I honestly couldn't ask for a better holiday! I have so much to be thankful for but this year I am especially thankful for my… Continue reading Thanksgiving Review


Happy Valentine’s Day

Yesterday when I logged into WordPress I noticed immediately that the hits on my blog have been climbing steadily over the past few days and were at one of their highest peaks yesterday.  I thought to myself, "that's odd, considering I haven't posted in over a week."  Then I looked at the stats and saw… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day