The Tale of the Beet Smoothie

Beets and I have an iffy relationship.  Ok I don't really like them.  I've tried them several different ways over the years and we just haven't connected yet.  They always taste a little "earthy" to me, in other words they taste like dirt. We have a subscription to Door to Door Organics and in the… Continue reading The Tale of the Beet Smoothie


Egg in a (Heart) Nest

Egg in a nest.  I'm definitely not reinventing the wheel here as egg in a nest has been around forever.  I remember making it myself as a girl.  I had forgotten about it until just the other day my older son and I were up earlier than the other two in our family.  Since we… Continue reading Egg in a (Heart) Nest


Granola with Buckwheat Groats

I first cooked with buckwheat groats when I made (the best) recipe for vegetarian "bacon" from No Meat Athlete.  If you are a vegetarian you've got to try that recipe. Buckwheat is actually not wheat at all and is gluten-free.  The groats look like little seeds.  I buy mine from the bulk bins at Whole… Continue reading Granola with Buckwheat Groats


Brown Rice Pudding with Cranberries & Maple Syrup

The other night I turned leftover cooked brown rice into rice pudding.  I'm not sure how the idea popped into my head in the first place.  I had never actually made rice pudding before.  Perhaps it was reading The Poky Little Puppy to my son.  "I smell something.....rice pudding!  And home they went as fast… Continue reading Brown Rice Pudding with Cranberries & Maple Syrup


Chocolate Breakfast Quinoa

We started adding quinoa to our breakfast routine when we realized how much our toddler loves it. You can make breakfast quinoa similar to oatmeal. Cook it up and throw in whatever you might normally add to oatmeal. It's a really nice alternative and it has a ton of protein to keep you going until… Continue reading Chocolate Breakfast Quinoa


Saturday Morning Hoe Down

This morning I channeled my inner Paula Deen and made hoe cakes for breakfast. I've been wanting to try them for awhile now and this morning just happened to be the perfect time. But fair warning - these are in no way healthy! I used the following recipe: Southern Hoe Cakes from Deep South Dish… Continue reading Saturday Morning Hoe Down


Baked Blueberry Peach Oatmeal

Last Sunday I made blueberry peach baked oatmeal for breakfast. My mom had made it for New Years Day brunch and sent me the recipe because I liked it so much. She said The recipe was from Taste of Home. I searched and it appears to be a mash up of two baked oatmeal recipes… Continue reading Baked Blueberry Peach Oatmeal


Breakfast Pizza

Have you ever had a meal in your mind that you just knew was going to be perfect? And when the perfect idea became reality you were ecstatic? That was the case with me and breakfast pizza. I have been wanting to make breakfast pizza for months now. The opportunity finally presented itself last weekend.… Continue reading Breakfast Pizza