Two Ingredient Pancake

While I was on my blogging sabbatical, it seems a new recipe swept the blogosphere last year.  It is a two ingredient pancake and if you haven’t heard of it you won’t believe the two ingredients:


That is it!  Beat an egg in a bowl then add a small banana.  Mash up the banana into the egg (I used a fork) until well combined.  Cook in a skillet over medium heat until brown, flip and cook the other side until done.  Here is my pancake with half covered in peanut butter:


It looks like a pancake but when you bite into it you can tell it’s not a standard pancake.  It tastes amazing though just different.  I ended up covering the rest of it with peanut butter because it was so good.  Whoever though peanut butter on eggs would be good?

I made three of these for my family one morning using three eggs and two medium-ish bananas.  I mixed each egg and banana separately (2/3 banana per pancake) and cooked them one at a time.  Benzo loved it.  My toddler ate a little bit and then didn’t want the rest.  Toddlers are finicky.  He’ll probably love it next time.

I found the following post helpful (the tips are near the middle):

Secrets to a Perfect Two-Ingredient Pancake @ Carrots n Cake

I shared this crazy idea with my coworker who also didn’t believe it would work.  She had to try it herself and made them for her family.  She reported back that they all loved them!



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