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The First Berries

Last night I picked the very first strawberry of the season.  I just couldn't help myself and there was ONE that was beggin' for a pickin'. I brought it in the house, washed it, and ate it.  It was DELICIOUS. Then today I went out to the garden and picked a few more: I like… Continue reading The First Berries


Red Berries First Lettuce

Look what I found in the garden tonight: The strawberries are turning RED!!!!!!  Gah I'm so excited! This guy is almost ready to be picked.  Probably only needs another day or two.  And there were several more like him! I also finally got to pick some lettuce and spinach tonight.  There were some really nice,… Continue reading Red Berries First Lettuce


My Seedlings Are Falling!

My friend Michelle asked me the following question via Facebook last week: Amy, my garden seedlings are all falling over (still inside). What does this mean? They have enough water...what do I need to do to make them happy? First of all, I'm no garden guru!  I only have two years experience under my… Continue reading My Seedlings Are Falling!


First Real Harvest of 2010

Last night Benzo picked the first real harvest of 2010.  The harvest was not from surprise plants that just popped up this spring from seeds that were scattered by dead plants at the end of last season.  And the plants weren't leftover from a late planting last fall that somehow survived the winter.  No these were… Continue reading First Real Harvest of 2010


Late April Garden Update

Here's the garden update I said I would post yesterday but didn't.  Oops!  I spent most of my time this morning uploading pictures so I don't have time to write too much.  Enjoy! Green leaf lettuce: Red leaf lettuce: Radishes: Spinach.  See the cotyledons? Collard Greens.  I think a little animal has been munching on… Continue reading Late April Garden Update


On Radishes

Last week Mom's Many Projects posted a great question: When do you know the radishes are done? I’ve planted them for the first time, but have no idea when to pull them up! I bet there's a very good scientific answer to that question, like the leaves turn a certain color or start to wilt… Continue reading On Radishes