This morning I got up real early so I could get a run in and get the lawn mowed before it gets crazy hot.  The back yard had not been mowed in about 3 weeks.  For various reasons neither Benzo nor I could find time to mow it and then when we did have time… Continue reading Eeeep!

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Must Be Zucchini Season

People must be picking a lot of zucchini these days because I'm getting more hits than usual on zucchini: Zucchini grows like crazy and once it starts coming, it just doesn't stop until the bugs get to it.  I've given away several of our giant zucchinis from Friday night and we've eaten several and we… Continue reading Must Be Zucchini Season


Don’t Turn Your Back on Them

Remember a week ago when I picked the first little zucchini?  It was small but I was happy because I knew zucchini would be plentiful in a few weeks?  Try ONE WEEK. Tonight I picked seven very large zucchinis!  I had also picked another large one earlier this week.  These zucchinis along with that one totaled… Continue reading Don’t Turn Your Back on Them


Surprise Plants

One of the funniest things about gardening that I only learned last year is surprise plants.  Last year about this time I noticed these plants popping up all over the garden that looked very familiar.  Once I looked a little closer I found they were actually tomato plants.  I suppose it makes sense when you… Continue reading Surprise Plants