Surprise Plants

One of the funniest things about gardening that I only learned last year is surprise plants.  Last year about this time I noticed these plants popping up all over the garden that looked very familiar.  Once I looked a little closer I found they were actually tomato plants.  I suppose it makes sense when you… Continue reading Surprise Plants



Wow was it hard to go back to work today or what?  Can't every weekend be a three day weekend?  😉 Anywho on Sunday after I mowed the lawn I decided to use the extra grass clippings to mulch around the tomato plants.  I do not have a bagger attachment for my mower so usually… Continue reading Mulchified



Tonight was all about transplanting.  No not organs - plants! Remember the little seedlings I cared for all spring indoors?  Well this week I've been moving them to their more permanent homes in the garden.  Finally the timing is right.  I'm not out of town, it's not threatening a light frost at night, the ground… Continue reading Transplanting


Funny Things I Learned When I Started Gardening

I still need to get my canning pictures from last weekend organized into a post.  Last night I was too busy in the garden.  I picked two more huge bowls of strawberries!  I posted on Facebook that I might have to set up a strawberry stand at the end of my driveway or start peddling them… Continue reading Funny Things I Learned When I Started Gardening


Strawberry Protection

The other day, David commented on strawberries and how the birds beat him to his first crop of red strawberries.  It's so frustrating to go out to the garden and find this: Ugh!  A perfect berry is ruined!  The birds love all kinds of berries and will eat your strawberries faster than you can imagine if… Continue reading Strawberry Protection


Bush Bean Sprouts

The bush beans have sprouted!  Benzo took these pictures on Sunday night while I was in the midst of my marathon strawberry-picking session.  I planted these bush beans two weeks ago today. Bush bean sprouts are pretty big.  Lettuce and carrots sprouts are fairly tiny and could easily be mistaken for weeds.  But you'd have… Continue reading Bush Bean Sprouts

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Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt

 Last night after my run I went straight to the garden.  I hadn't been out there since before I left town!  The garden was totally soggy since it had been raining all weekend and all the vegetables were muddy.  I spent almost an hour picking strawberries.  Check out this haul: I haven't weighed it yet… Continue reading Strawberries Are Good For Your Butt