Homemade Cold Remedies

I battled the WORST cold I have had in a long time the past few weeks.  It lasted a good two weeks before I was feeling better and even today almost another week later I still have some lingering affects (effects?  I can never get those straight…).

During that period I tried several different homemade cold remedies that I thought I would share on the blog and also so I can remember them for next time.

Ginger Tea

One of the first things I tried was ginger tea.  Ginger is really good for nausea and upset stomach.  I swear I read somewhere that it was good for colds too but of course I can’t find that site now.  I am not a huge fan of ginger but I actually liked this tea.  To make ginger tea, mince an inch or half inch piece of peeled ginger and steep with boiling water for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Add honey to taste if desired.  I then let the ginger settle to the bottom and drank without straining.  I wish I would’ve tried this for morning sickness back when I was pregnant!

Raw Honey

Raw honey is supposed to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  Stir raw honey into hot tea or do what I did and use this as an excuse to eat it by the spoonful.  It really soothed my sore throat.  I also had toast with honey and cinnamon for breakfast as cinnamon is supposedly anti-bacterial and anti-viral as well.

Apple Cider Bomb

Apple cider vinegar drinks are all over the interwebs whether they be for fighting off colds or increasing weight loss or giving you clear skin or shiny hair.  For my cold, I mixed up two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon lemon juice and one tablespoon honey.  I then diluted that mixture in a glass of water and drank if before breakfast one morning.  It was a little rough going down and actually made my stomach upset almost immediately.  I had to eat a piece of toast quickly to calm it down.

Apple cider vinegar supposedly puts the body in an alkaline state, which helps the body kill off a cold virus.  Since it was a bit unpleasant going down I didn’t try it more than once.  BUT I will say that Benzo started to feel some sinus pressure about a week after I got sick so I made him drink this for a few days in a row.  He claimed it was allergies but I wasn’t so sure.  He did not end up getting sick.  Could be coincidence, could be that it worked.  Who knows for sure.  But I will try to remember this the next time I feel a cold coming on to see if I can ward it off faster.

Neti-Pot with Homemade Mix

I also used the neti-pot regularly with my homemade neti-pot mix.  This provided more relief in the later stages of my cold when I could actually breathe a little and get the solution to run all the way through.

And then there was the remedy that finally helped me get some sleep…..

The Hot Toddy

I couldn’t sleep for several nights since I couldn’t breathe and was coughing so much.  Benzo kept telling me to take a shot of whiskey but I thought he was crazy.  When you’re sick, alcohol is the last thing that sounds good.  Nothing was helping me sleep, not even nighttime cold medicine, so I gave in and had him make me a hot toddy.  It was just a cup of hot chamomile tea with a tablespoon of whiskey and honey to taste.  The first night I drank it I slept almost ten hours straight.  Benzo was kind enough to refrain from saying, “I told you so.”

I also drank tons of hot tea as well as lemon water for extra vitamin C.  I did take some day time cold medicine and lots of ibuprofen, so I don’t want anyone to think I was only fighting this thing naturally.

Here are links to some of the sites I checked out when looking for homemade cold remedies:

30 Homemade, Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

10 Natural Remedies for Conquering the Common Cold

Honey & Cinnamon – A Simple Cold Remedy That Kids Love

14 Powerful Natural Remedies for a Sinus Infection

I think natural remedies are great and can definitely help, but it’s important to know your own body and know when you need to seek medical help.  Hopefully we are moving out of cold & flu season now and can tuck these ideas away until next year!



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