Sweet Potato-Egg-Black Bean Skillet

I’ve been sick, sick, sick this week with a terrible cold.  It was really bad earlier in the week and now it’s tapered off and I’m feeling more human again.  I plan to share some homemade cold remedies soon, but for now I thought I’d share an easy dinner we had on Tuesday night.

We had a bunch of leftover cooked black beans and sweet potatoes from sweet potato-black bean quesadillas the night before.  I was trying to think of a way to use them up that wasn’t more quesadillas.  I also thought eggs sounded good for some reason.  So I googled “sweet potatoes black beans eggs” and found the following recipe on Eat Live Run:

Southwestern Sweet Potato Breakfast Skillet

It looked really good and I’ve always been intrigued by those skillets where you cook the eggs on top of everything.  I showed it to Benzo who said “I’ve got this” and I entertained my children while he cooked.

He made a modified version since we didn’t have a lot of time nor all the ingredients.  Basically he warmed up the leftover black beans (probably half a can) and about half a cup of frozen corn in some oil in a big skillet with some dried onions, smoked paprika and cumin.  The sweet potatoes were already cubed and cooked from the night before, so they went in a little later to warm up.

Then he realized that the pan he was using couldn’t go in the broiler so he fried up some eggs on the side instead.  To serve we put the sweet potato mixture on a plate, topped with a fried egg and grated cheese.

The lighting in my kitchen is atrocious.  I wish I could post better photographs but if the picture isn’t on my phone it will never make it to the blog.  I just don’t have time to edit photos for every blog post!

Anywho this meal turned out really delicious!  We all liked it and decided we’d definitely make it again.  I’d like to try the full out recipe on Eat Live Run next time when we can plan in advance.  Our family likes the sweet potato/black bean combo a lot and it was nice to have something different instead of just quesadillas or tacos all the time.

I am so happy it’s Friday and I’m feeling better enough to enjoy the weekend.  We are finally getting some nice weather and I can’t wait to get my munchkins outside to burn off some of their cabin fever!



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