Hawaiian Farmers’ Market

Last week when I was in Hawaii, I made a special visit to the farmers' market.  We got there at the tail end of the market and a lot of the farmers were starting to pack up.  Luckily we were able to snag some fresh fruit.  Check this out: Can you imagine buying this kind… Continue reading Hawaiian Farmers’ Market


Welcome to Paradise

Spent some of the day yesterday at Polihale Beach on the west side of the island.  It was gorgeous.  Ocean and beach with mountains in the background. We ate lunch at a cute little roadside shop on the way back from the beach and then we went to several lookout points on top of the… Continue reading Welcome to Paradise



We are here in Honolulu.  The travel yesterday was BRUTAL.  By the time we finally got to our hotel it was about 3:30am Kansas City time.  Yeowsa! But this makes it all worth it: We woke up at 5am local time this morning.  Ha!  But that's 10am Kansas City time so that's sleeping in.  We… Continue reading Aloha