Hello From Miami!

The past few days have been crazy!  After a great Mother’s Day weekend, I took off for Miami on Monday afternoon.  I’m here for a conference for work.  I got here late Monday night and then today the conference people had us scheduled from morning till night.  I’m just now getting a chance to check my e-mail and catch up on things.

Since I’m away from my kitchen and my garden, I can’t write about plants and food.  So how about some pictures of Miami!

I’m in a super swank hotel.  Check out my bathroom:

Notice how all my bathroom things are lined up on the towel nice and neat?  Yeah the maid did that.  I’m not that tidy.

And the mini bar.  In case I want to spend nine dollars on gummi bears.

Check out the views from my window:

Tonight we were able to go to the beach.  Seeing the ocean is a treat for me since I live in the middle of the country.  I loved smelling the salt in the air!

Well I’m beat from a full day of activities.  I don’t know if I’ll have time to post tomorrow.  I’m flying home tomorrow night and get back to KC very late.  Off to bed now!


3 thoughts on “Hello From Miami!

  1. I love getting to stay in nice hotels on someone elses dime! Hope you get to have a little more fun while you are there!!!

  2. I love Miami. I particularly enjoyed having a cookout in January by the pool. The last time I was there I stayed at a hotel by the beach and I loved waking up to the sound of the surf. Have a great time!

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