Just For Fun

At my siblings' birthday dinner last weekend, not only did I make cranberry quinoa pilaf, I also made dairy-free cupcakes. Because there was no way I was going to a birthday dinner and having to pass on dessert! They are: Simple Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes Basic Buttercream Frosting (made with EB & soymilk) These are some… Continue reading Just For Fun


Maple Butter Pecan Cupcakes

I could tell you what I made for dinner tonight, but I think this is a lot more exciting: I've had these cake mixes in the back of my pantry for at least a year, maybe longer.  I've known in the back of my mind that they were going to expire soon and that I… Continue reading Maple Butter Pecan Cupcakes


Dye Frosting Naturally

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing holiday.  I am currently at the ILs getting ready for Easter dinner.  My contribution to dinner was dessert - cupcakes of course.  I started with my favorite chocolate cupcakes.  For the frosting I wanted to do something special since it was Easter.  I looked through… Continue reading Dye Frosting Naturally

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Green Food and Baileys Buttercream

Happy day after St. Patrick's Day!  Did everyone have fun last night?  A little tooo much fun maybe?  😉 Benzo and I had a quiet evening at home with lots of yummy food.  And most of it green! We started off with an appetizer of artichoke brushetta and crackers.  MIL gave us this jar of… Continue reading Green Food and Baileys Buttercream

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Sweets for Your Sweetie

Happy Valentine's Day! One of the neat things about Word Press is that I can see my "blog stats" a lot better.   I can see what blog posts are getting the most views and I can also see what search terms people are using to find my blog.  It seems that everyone wants to make… Continue reading Sweets for Your Sweetie


Cupcake Invasion!

A couple of weeks ago my SIL was married in Las Vegas. Only immediate family and a few close friends flew to Vegas to attend the wedding. Then this past weekend they had a reception here in town to celebrate their wedding and marriage. As a family we pretty much put together the entire reception… Continue reading Cupcake Invasion!


Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

I know I just posted that I haven’t been using my kitchen much lately, but tonight I shuffled my tools and painting supplies around to make room to bake. It’s a coworker’s birthday tomorrow and I signed up to bring the birthday treats. This particular coworker is allergic to eggs so I couldn’t make my… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes