Bridal Shower

My BFF Beth is getting married this summer and I am a bridesmaid in the wedding. This past weekend we threw her a shower and of course I made the cupcakes. They turned out so cute that I wanted to post some pictures of them.

I like to decorate my cupcakes with fresh flowers. I like it because it’s simple, looks classy and inexpensive. You can pick up a bunch at the grocery store when shopping for ingredients.

I also like using flowers because I can’t pipe icing to save my life.

Just cut the stems down and place the buds in between the cupcakes or around the edges on a platter or cake stand. You can also cut the leaves off and use them too. I used a dozen sweetheart roses.

I thought they turned out looking pretty nice! And I think they tasted alright too because everyone gobbled them up. 🙂

Congratulations Beth and John! We are going to have so much fun at the wedding!


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