Blog Assembly: For Runners

I like to poke around the web and read lots of different blogs.  When I find some good ones I'll highlight them in the "Blog Assembly" posts. Here are three blogs I recently found that are mostly about running that I've enjoyed: Skinny Runner - this girl cracks me up every day.  But jokes aside, she… Continue reading Blog Assembly: For Runners



I've said over on my Resources tab that I love to read.  Lately I've been a maniac on my library's website, reserving all kinds of books.  Yesterday I went to the library on my lunch hour and had FOUR more books to pick up! From top to bottom we have: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan… Continue reading Books!


Great Food Blogs

I've come across some great food blogs this week that I wanted to share: Happy Herbivore Vegan recipe site and blog with an emphasis on whole foods and low fat. I love her elephant logo! I'm dying to try this recipe: Baked Low Fat Whole Wheat Chocolate Glazed Vegan Donuts. Sounds to good to be… Continue reading Great Food Blogs