Great Food Blogs

I’ve come across some great food blogs this week that I wanted to share:

Happy Herbivore
Vegan recipe site and blog with an emphasis on whole foods and low fat. I love her elephant logo! I’m dying to try this recipe: Baked Low Fat Whole Wheat Chocolate Glazed Vegan Donuts. Sounds to good to be true…

Vegan Dad
Great recipes and beautiful pictures. I’m looking forward to trying Homemade Bagels.

Superhero Vegan
A new blog about a vegan journey. I really like her first few posts so far. And she has a recipe book like me!

Post Punk Kitchen
I actually found PPK awhile ago and it has been a great recipe resource for me. I’ve already made Pumpkin French Toast (see my blog post as well). I’ve also made Vegan Cornbread. The author of the PPK blog has written several vegan cookbooks as well. Veganomicon in particular had my mouth watering in the bookstore.

Blog Well Done
A fellow Kansas City blogger. I found him when I was googling KC Restaurant Week. I am interesting to try this Match Chicken he’s been blogging about all week.

I Eat Trees
Another new vegan food blog. I really like the design of the site and want to try Mild Oat Bread.

Enjoy browsing these sites. I know you’ll find some fantastic recipes and great reading!


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