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Mini Monsters

As I travel around the food and healthy living blogging world, I keep reading about these things called Green Monsters.  It seems like everyone is drinking them and going on and on about the health benefits.  I decided to hop aboard the bandwagon and check it out.

What is a Green Monster?  Apparently its a smoothie made with some type of greens – usually spinach or kale.  Sound appetizing?  I didn’t think so!

But bloggers and readers keep going on and on about how great they are and how you can’t even taste the spinach.  Erm….. okay I guess I’ll try it.

Most green monsters I’ve seen on other blogs are HUGE!  They fill up a rather large glass.  Sometimes more than one glass!  I on the other hand don’t even own a blender.  All I have is the little Magic Bullet.  So I decided to make a “mini-monster”.

Into my Magic Bullet went a basic green mini-monster recipe.

  • Half a banana
  • Approximately one cup of spinach leaves
  • Approximately one cup of soy milk (you can use any kind of milk)
  • 2 tablespoons of flax
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Blend until smooth. 

Make sure you blend it for several minutes to get all the spinach leaves chopped up.

The result is an Ecto-plasm looking concoction.  But more importantly how did it taste?

It was actually amazing!  You can not taste the spinach AT ALL.  It just tastes like milk and bananas.  I made one for a skeptical Benzo, who exclaimed “This is awesome!” after taking one drink.

Now that it’s warmer I’m not eating as much oatmeal so I’ve started working green smoothies into my morning routine a few times a week.  They are very easy to make and a great way to get an extra serving of greens in your day.

I bought a big container of organic spinach at Sam’s Club for $4.  I’ve been using that to make the mini monsters.  But hopefully in about 45 days I’ll have enough spinach in the garden to use my own.  I’m going to plant extra spinach now just for these smoothies!

Does anyone else drink green smoothies?  What do you like to put in them?


10 thoughts on “Mini Monsters

  1. oh sister, my middle name is green smoothie! I drink those things by the quart!

    I generally use kale or collard greens because they have such a long growing season in my garden (this year they lasted through December and I harvested what was left and froze it and it lasted me til February!) and so that’s handy.

    I don’t use any milk but just do some sort of berry (my aunt has a berry farm) a banana, greens, water and sometimes an orange or a grapefruit.

    Totally amazing.

    1. Yes! I planted kale and collards last week so I’ll be giving them a try. I’m so excited to hear that they freeze well.

    1. Yes I do like the Magic Bullet. I’ve had it for awhile now so I think it might be getting to on it’s last leg though. Haven’t heard of the Ninja. I’ll have to look into that in case the bullet dies on me.

  2. My husband and I love green smoothies!
    I usually use spinach, but I’ve tried kale and I liked it, but hubby insisted he could taste the kale. I always use banana because the taste overpowers the greens and they make the color lovely! Try putting an orange or some oj in too; give it a nice zing.


  3. I had my first mini monster today!! 🙂 I used your recipe but used rice milk! It was yummy. Andrew my almost 3 year old even liked it. He said “it tastes like honey!” Can’t wait to have another one tomorrow! I have to make mine in the food processor because my blender is worthless. It was a little chunky, but that’s okay!

    1. Wooo Jen! I’m so glad you and Andrew liked it! Keri on just posted about giving her little one green juice and how much he likes it. She has a recipe up too if you ever want to try it. What a healthy treat for kiddos!

  4. my favorite green is chard. tastes soo good! bok choy is second favorite. i put an orange into every smoothie, and usually use a pear and banana. always add spirulina or wheat grass powder, hemp or flax seed, and occasionally goji berries or cacao nibs. and i just use water, no milks. also, my last few smoothies have tasted really “fresh” with the aide of half a cucumber. happy smoothie-ing!

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