Zucchini Sprouts

Tonight I went out to the garden after my run and was pleasantly surprised to find that the zucchini seeds I planted a couple weeks ago are sprouting.  This is what a zucchini sprout looks like:

There’s one sprout coming up on each of the two hills I planted.  I’m happy that I have at least two zucchini plants, but I would be happier if the other four would come on up!

Like a bush bean sprout, a zucchini sprout is fairly large.  It’s hard to mistake them for weeds.

The garden was sopping wet last night after all the rain we’ve had this week.  But this weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the 80’s so here’s hoping it dries out a little bit!  I transplanted some of my tomatoes (finally) before the rain and when I checked on them last night they didn’t look so good.  I think they need a big dose of sunshine to get them going.  At least I hope that’s all they need!


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