Leaving on a Jet Plane

 I have some very exciting news!  Two months from today I am going on vacation.  I’ll let this picture be a clue….


I am SO excited.  Benzo and I have been planning this trip for awhile now, but it always felt a little like a pipe dream until recently.  We booked our plane tickets a couple weeks ago and we’ve started to plan out our itinerary.

So far the tentative plan is to spend one day on Oahu and then spend a week on Kauai.  This trip was actually our friends’ idea.  They go Kauai every year (I think) and when they were planning their trip for this year they asked us if we wanted to go with them.  It didn’t take much discussion before we said yes.  We will meet them on Kauai after our time spent on Oahu.  And since they’ve been to Kauai before, they already know all the fun things to do.  Score!

The guidebook I bought above has some great information, including information on farmers’ markets!  I can’t wait to visit a Hawaiian farmers’ market.  According to the book there’s one almost every day on Kauai so hopefully we can score some delicious, local, fresh food. 

On Oahu is the Dole pineapple plantation, which I really want to visit.  I think it would be so neat to see how pineapples grow!  And eat it as fresh as possible – without it having to travel by plane over an ocean first. 

On Oahu we also plan to visit Pearl Harbor, which I think is something every American should do if ever given a chance to visit Hawaii.  Then on Kauai we plan to have lots of beach time and do lots of hiking and other adventurous activities.  We are hoping to hike the Kalalau trail along the Napali coast, if we can get all our permits and everything squared away.  This is an overnight hike.  We would hike 11 miles out to a beautiful beach, camp overnight and then hike back.  Should be difficult but totally amazing!

If anyone has any suggestions or tips for visiting Kauai or Oahu, let me know!  I’m so excited!


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