Busy Food

 Happy Saturday!  I hope you are doing something fun because guess what – I’m at work again.  😦  But hopefully not for much longer.  It’s absolutely gorgeous weather outside and I really want to squeeze in a long run if I can before heading to my dad’s house for a BBQ at 1:30pm.

I thought I’d do a quick post about what I’ve been eating lately, since I’ve been so busy.  When I have to work tons of hours like I have been, I don’t cook much.  Either Benzo does the cooking or I eat really easy stuff like pesto pasta or cereal.  Not everyone can make every thing from scratch all the time!  It helps to have a few convenience items on hand for times like these.

First up is LARABARS.  I looooove Larabars.  I bought a big box of them at Sam’s Club and keep them in my desk at work for snacking emergencies. 

Larabars are raw, vegan, dairy free and gluten free.  And probably free of some other stuff I can’t remember right now.  They are completely all natural and some of them only contain 2 or 3 ingredients.  In fact, the cashew cookie flavor pictured above only contains “cashews, dates” in the ingredient list.  That’s it!  I think the cashew cookie one might be my favorite.  It’s just sweet enough to keep me out of the vending machine, but not so sweet that it gives me a headache.  The lack of refined sugar probably helps with that.  Larabars come in tons of flavors to give one a try if you’re so inclined.

Other convenience foods I like are Eden Organic canned rice and beans, Amy’s frozen burritos, prepared hummus and frozen veggie burgers.

Below is a picture of my lunch one day this week.  We did not grocery shop last weekend so Benzo and I have been foraging for whatever we can find in the kitchen all week.  That means not a lot of leftovers, which is what I usually rely on for lunch.  So on this day I grabbed a Boca burger from the freezer and a bun and threw it in my lunch box.  I was pretty sure this would be the most boring lunch ever.

Then I added a salad from the salad bar in our cafeteria and some very flavorful mustard to my burger and it turned into a fantastic meal!

I rarely ever eat in the cafeteria here at the office.  They don’t serve much of what I like to eat.  But on this day I ventured down there to see what I could add to my burger.  The salad bar was looking pretty good so I loaded my plate up with a beautiful salad with lots of veggies.  And this salad only cost me $2! 

The only downside to the cafeteria salad bar is that the dressing choices are not that great.  I think I got fat free Italian on this day.  I hate fat free stuff but this dressing was okay.  My question is, if dressing is made with oil and oil has fat in it, then what is fat free dressing made out of?  I don’t think I want to know.

Then yesterday I had some of the fried veggie couscous leftover that I brought for lunch.  But I knew it wouldn’t be enough so I decided to go get another salad since the first one was such a success.

The lettuce was on its last leg and there weren’t very many veggies to choose from.  However I was extremly excited to find a quinoa salad and a sweet potato salad on the bar!  They were both delicious!  I’m afraid that now I’m hooked on the salad bar and will want to add a salad to my lunch every day!  I guess there are worse things in life right? 🙂

Now don’t worry I haven’t been all work and no play .  Yesterday Benzo picked me up at 6pm and we went to another baseball game.  Usually we eat before the game since ballpark food is so expensive.  But last night we didn’t have time since I had to work right up until 6pm.  So I was wondering what the heck I was going to eat from the concession stands.  I had pretty much resigned myself to one of those big soft pretzels dipped in mustard, when Benzo goes “hey they have veggie burgers.”  YESSSS!!!!!!!

And this veggie burger was SO GOOD.  I thought it might be a crappy little soy patty, but this thing was big and I could see chunks of veggies and black beans in the burger.  It tasted delicious.  It did have cheese on it, which I wasn’t expecting.  Next time I’ll remember to ask for no cheese. 

Thank you Royals stadium for adding veggie burgers to you menu!  This completely made my night!  Well that and the back-to-back homeruns, the Royals WIN, and the Friday night fireworks.  😀

Have a great day everyone!


One thought on “Busy Food

  1. The Larabars look so good! Thanks for including the link! I’m happy to see that they are also soy free, which is so hard to find these days. Everything has soy in it and it’s not that good for those of us with thyroid problems.

    I checked out the link and there are so many wonderful flavors! I can’t wait to try them all out!

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