Here We Go!

Today marks the launch of my new blog entitled “Everything Is Homemade.” I decided to start this blog simply because I like to make stuff and I think it would be fun to write about. I also hope my posts will be informative and helpful to anyone who has asked themselves, “I wonder if I could make that…?”

A little bit about me: My name is Amy and I live in the Midwest in a suburb of Kansas City. I’ve been a crafty person ever since I was a kid, but I’ve especially increased my craftiness in the last 5 years. I find it fascinating that you can take pieces of nothing and put them together into something useful. Take knitting for example. A knit scarf starts out as nothing more than one long piece of yarn. Put that yarn together with two pointy sticks and voila! You have a warm, useful scarf. It’s amazing when you think about it!

When I think about making stuff, most of the time it is to save money. By day I am an accountant so I am a very financially minded person. However saving money is not always my motivation behind making stuff. For anyone who has ever knit a sweater from good quality yarn, you know that it would have been way cheaper to just buy a sweater at the store! And less time-consuming as well. Sometimes it is just fun to see if it can be done and if it is worthwhile for me to do so.

With this blog I plan to experiment with making “stuff” at home. Stuff can be anything – food, clothing, furniture, household items, you name it. I also plan to experiment with making my own “services”, ie. doing stuff myself that I might ordinarily pay someone to do instead. For “stuff” that I absolutely cannot make at my house (ie. milk, because there is no way I am going to put a dairy cow in my backyard) I plan to write about a local company that provides the “stuff”.

My first few blogs will likely be about making stuff in areas that I am already familiar with, such as cooking, knitting and baking. But I am going to stretch myself in areas I am not familiar with such as building furniture and changing my own oil (eeeep!). I also plan to undertake a long-term project a few times a year and post regular updates on how that is going, for example, making your own beer which I know takes several weeks to complete.

Know that I am just a regular person. I do not have any special MacGyver-esque training. As a regular person I will research and carry out the project and then report back on how it turned out and if it was worth it.

I hope I have peaked your interest! Check back for my first project!


One thought on “Here We Go!

  1. Here are two other websites you might like to check out. (I do not know the people who do these; the websites are just cool.)Wardrobe Refashion – People take clothes that don’t work for them anymore and turn them into to clothes that do. They also sew from scratch and turn other things like pillowcases into clothing.Simply Recipes – a recipe blog with pictures and lots of prose about the recipe. Most of these recipes are more ambitious than I want to make, the pictures are really beautiful, and the writing is fun.

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