Seed Update

I haven’t posted an update on my seedlings since I planted them back in March.  Now it’s getting close to transplant time, I thought I should show some pictures of how they are doing.

First up are the various tomatoes and herbs.  In the container below are a couple of roma tomatoes, a big boy tomato, a pineapple tomato, cilantro, oregano and basil.  I am very excited to see the cilantro growing as I haven’t been able to get it to grow before.


If you remember, I used some Burpee pellet trays this year (at Benzo’s request) to start seeds, rather than my usual recycled seed containers.  Honestly I am not impressed with the outcome.  My seedlings are usually much bigger with many sets of true leaves by now.  Sure the pellets make planting a lot easier, but if you don’t get quality seedlings, what’s the point?

Here’s another shot from above.  Some seedlings are doing better than others.


I did have a little mishap with the seedlings several weeks ago.  Remember when I said I had the seedlings in the kitchen and hoped the cats wouldn’t find them?  Well I jinxed myself, because one night when I came home my two Roma tomato seedlings had their leaves eaten almost completely off.  They were shorn down to stems.  Dang cats!  I should’ve known better.  One of the plants recovered but the other one remains a stem.  It won’t die but it won’t grow any leaves.

These are the peppers.  There are a bunch of various kinds.


I would really like them to have at least two sets of true leaves before transplanting.  I’m hoping they grow a lot in the next 10 days because I want to transplant them on Mother’s Day weekend.

Here they are from the side.  They are not very tall!


And finally here are a couple tomatoes we bought at a local nursery about a week ago.  The tall one is a grape tomato and the short one is a roma (to replace the cat-eaten seedling).  I love to grow grape tomatoes just so I can dehydrate them – sun dried tomatoes!


By the way, notice all the baby stuff in the background?  🙂  The seedlings are currently residing in the nursery so they are protected from the cats (who are not allowed in the nursery).  So definitely need to transplant these guys before Baby Boy comes!


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