Garden Update – May 2013

I've been politely ignoring the blog for the past few weeks. It would nudge me and whisper "please write something" and I would quietly respond "I'm just too busy right now, maybe tomorrow."  Which promptly turned into three weeks. I think. Anywho I've neglected to mention on here that we are expecting another baby at… Continue reading Garden Update – May 2013


Real Food Money Saver: Homemade Oat Milk

It's been about two months since I read an article that jump-started our initiative to eat less processed food. It's been going well so far. I hope to share my thoughts on the past two months soon, but today I wanted to share a couple ways I've found so far to save money on a… Continue reading Real Food Money Saver: Homemade Oat Milk


Strawberries, Arugula & Goat Cheese English Muffins

Tonight's dinner was courtesy of Hy-Vee's recent Seasons magazine. The recipe was actually on the cover and as soon as I knew arugula would be at the market last weekend, I put it on this week's meal plan. Strawberry, Goat Cheese & Arugula Sandwiches English muffins topped with goat cheese, arugula and strawberries and drizzled… Continue reading Strawberries, Arugula & Goat Cheese English Muffins


Sunday Dinner – Indian Style Rice and Beans With Easy Flatbread

I have been really busy at work lately and haven't had much time to blog! I'm going to try to get caught up on some of the things we've been making lately this week. Sunday afternoon while my son was napping and I was catching up on some chores, I started thinking about dinner. And… Continue reading Sunday Dinner – Indian Style Rice and Beans With Easy Flatbread


Granola with Buckwheat Groats

I first cooked with buckwheat groats when I made (the best) recipe for vegetarian "bacon" from No Meat Athlete.  If you are a vegetarian you've got to try that recipe. Buckwheat is actually not wheat at all and is gluten-free.  The groats look like little seeds.  I buy mine from the bulk bins at Whole… Continue reading Granola with Buckwheat Groats


Brown Rice Pudding with Cranberries & Maple Syrup

The other night I turned leftover cooked brown rice into rice pudding.  I'm not sure how the idea popped into my head in the first place.  I had never actually made rice pudding before.  Perhaps it was reading The Poky Little Puppy to my son.  "I smell something.....rice pudding!  And home they went as fast… Continue reading Brown Rice Pudding with Cranberries & Maple Syrup


Dowdy But Delicious

In the blogging world of fabulous food photography and recipes, this lowly soup is not going to win any awards. But isn't taste what matters most when it comes to cooking? Last night I cooked up a batch of Lentil Dumpling Soup from Hillbilly Housewife. It seems I only make it once every year or… Continue reading Dowdy But Delicious