Sunday Dinner – Indian Style Rice and Beans With Easy Flatbread

I have been really busy at work lately and haven’t had much time to blog! I’m going to try to get caught up on some of the things we’ve been making lately this week.

Sunday afternoon while my son was napping and I was catching up on some chores, I started thinking about dinner. And about how much I did not want to cook dinner. I was *this close* to suggesting to Benzo that we just go out. I knew he would agree immediately. I’m usually the one who holds strong to eating at home.

I managed to bite my tongue and kept my thoughts to myself. We hadn’t had a chance to do our regular grocery shopping over the weekend which meant I had to come up with a dinner from what we had on hand.

We had chickpeas, rice and a can of Rotel so I was able to make rice and beans, Indian style, from No Meat Athlete. Benzo whipped up some easy and cheap flatbread from Frugal Zeitgeist.

The beans and rice were delicious but quite spicy! Benzo and I were downing the water until I finally caved and got some plain yogurt from the fridge. The yogurt was a really nice addition actually. Despite the spice we agreed we would make this again. It was just too easy.

The flatbread was very tasty and a nice side item. We made it with all white whole wheat flour and omitted the sugar. As I was eating it I had lots of ideas for future meal ideas that include flatbread. Hopefully I can bring them to fruition.

All in all it was a nice dinner and I was glad I didn’t cave in to my restaurant cravings!

We cooked our rice using my favorite fool-proof method and made a double batch so that there was enough leftover to make rice pudding for breakfast on Monday morning. This time I reduced the maple syrup to 1/4 cup and I thought it was much better that way.

I also made another batch of granola on Sunday but this time made it chocolatey by adding 1/3 cup cocoa powder to the wet ingredients. I probably ate 1/2 a cup standing by the oven almost as soon as I took it out. Looking forward to snacking on it all week.

Now I hear my son’s cute voice up in his crib.  I’m off to start the day!



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