Hello Again.

Hello there!  I’m climbing out of my cave and thinking about posting again regularly on my blog.  If you scroll down a teeny bit you’ll see that I haven’t posted since October 1, 2013.  Yikes!

So what’s new with me?  Well I am still a working mom of two boys.  Not long after my second boy was born was when I had to take a break from blogging.  There just wasn’t enough time for everything and since blogging is a hobby, not a job, it was something I could easily let go.  But life keeps on changing and now my baby is a toddler and I might be able to squeeze in a few posts now and then.

I still love to make stuff myself though my focus has shifted a bit in recent years.  I used to post mainly about food and cooking.  I still love to cook and experiment with food, however it’s hard to try new recipes when cooking for children.  Meals need to be healthy and stuff my kids will eat and most importantly they need to be ready fast!  So we tend to rely on the same dinners over and over again.  And that’s fine.  It works for our family right now.

Lately I’ve been thinking about organization tactics.  I’d like to make a real effort this year to get the house a little more organized.  We have a LOT of clutter everywhere and it’s really hard to get under control.  I feel very overwhelmed and most of the time I end up watching Netflix instead of doing anything about it!  So I might be posting a little bit about organization and what I’m trying at home.

And since I have two little kids you will likely see some posts about kid stuff – craft projects, learning activities, games, etc.  For Christmas this year Benzo and I gave the boys almost all DIY gifts that we made ourselves in some fashion.  I will try to post those because I’m pretty proud of how they turned out!

Also I’ve recently become obsessed with capsule wardrobes!  I am searching Pinterest all the time for ideas and I have just started working on slimming down my closet.  Maybe I’ll do a write up on that depending on how far I go with it.  If you are interested in capsule wardrobes, check out the blog Unfancy.

During my time off I’ve still gained a few followers so if you are a new reader, here are links to some of my more popular posts:

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner (I still use this all the time!)

Whale Canvas Nursery Art (I never did post a final “tour” of the whale nursery so maybe I should get that together)

Cheese Fon-DO (one of my first posts – wow it’s over 7 years old!)

Basic Cornbread

How I Cloth Diaper as a Working Mom (we actually don’t cloth diaper anymore 😦 )

Have a great weekend!



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