Easy Summer Dinner: Salad Niçoise

It’s been awhile since I last posted! We are really enjoying our summer and have been busy getting ready for baby #2. I thought I would share a quick post today on what’s becoming one of my favorite summer dinners – Salad Niçoise.

It’s nice and light for hot summer nights and very quick to put together. You can do a lot of the prep in advance. The ingredients are a bit variable (if you google salad Niçoise you’ll see what I mean). Ours contained:

Chopped leaf lettuce
Hard boiled eggs
Green beans (boiled 6 minutes)
Cherry tomatoes
Potatoes (boiled until just tender)

You can also add tuna but we did not. We dressed it with a homemade balsamic vinegar dressing:

3T olive oil
1T balsamic vinegar
1/2T honey
1/2T Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

I love that most of the ingredients can be found at the local farmers market where fresh produce is in abundance these days. In our salad the green beans and cherry tomatoes came from our backyard garden. The potatoes and eggs were purchased from local farmers. The lettuce, capers and dressing ingredients came from the store.

We’ve had this twice and I’ve enjoyed it immensely both times. I’m sure it will be on the menu again soon.

Have a lovely day!


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