Slow Cooker Sunday: Chickpea Wild Rice Soup

No it’s not Sunday.  But this is what I made in my slow cooker a couple Sundays ago:

Chickpea Wild Rice Soup @ The Domestic Vegan

I forgot to take a picture when we had it for dinner (Jack was having a rough evening), so here’s a picture of the leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Notes & Changes:

  • I omitted the mushrooms as I’m not a big fan
  • Did not have a full cup of wild rice so used brown to make up the difference
  • Only added 1/2 cup of milk at the end because my crockpot was filled to the max!
  • Forgot the parsley
  • Skipped the almonds
  • When I added the flour I was a little concerned about the lumps but they broke up just fine during cooking
  • We got two dinner servings and two lunch servings plus a bowl with 2-4 more servings for the freezer.  Love the leftovers!

Overall opinion?  Two thumbs up!  This soup is warm and comforting and perfect for fall and winter.  I immediately added wild rice to my shopping list to have on hand so we can make it again soon. 


3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Sunday: Chickpea Wild Rice Soup

  1. Looks delicious!! I have a very silly question… how big is your crock pot, Amy? Am trying to figure out what size might be good for my Christmas wish list! 🙂

  2. Whoah, this looks good. We have been crockin’ it up around here too, it seems like the perfect fall/winter accessory to a new baby. Thanks for sharing!

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