Freezer Meals

I’m so glad it’s Friday.  It’s a gorgeous day today and my boss actually gave my whole group the afternoon off.  Joy!

Baby Boy is going to be here in a few weeks and I’ve had it in the back of my mind that I want to cook and freeze meals ahead of time so that we don’t have to worry about cooking the first few weeks he is here.  Tomorrow I am finally going to get around to this task.  Benzo has to work in the morning so the house will be nice and quiet.

Freezer meals are great and I’ve used them a lot in the past by just making a double batch of something and freezing half of it.  However what I usually freeze are wintery-type meals like soups, stews and casseroles.  We’re now entering into late Spring and the weather is getting warm.  Soups, stews and casseroles are not exactly warm-weather food.

So what can I make ahead and freeze that’s appropriate for summer?  I’ve had some ideas:

Pizza & calzones
Bean and rice burritos
Egg McMuffins
Black bean burgers
Lentil tacos

What other vegetarian meals could I make ahead and freeze that would not be too heavy for summer?  All suggestions welcome!


One thought on “Freezer Meals

  1. Hi, Annies Eats in her blog did the same thing you want to do. I recommend you go in her blog and check it out. Good luck!

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