Seattle Wrap Up

I’m home now from Seattle.  I actually got home on Monday evening, but I was completely wiped from traveling.  That tiredness extended into Tuesday and finally today I feel back to my regular self.  Well as regular as I can be at 7 months pregnant!

The last real day of our trip was Sunday.  The babies let us sleep in until 7am which was nice of them.  We decided to head back to Top Pot for breakfast.  I told myself all the way there that I would only get one donut this time, but once we arrived and I saw all the choices in the case I caved and got two.

I’m weak I tell you!  Weak!  The donut on top is a glazed chocolate cake and the one on the bottom is a cinnamon sugar yeast donut.  Both were delicious.  I will have you know that I only had a few bites of the cinnamon sugar donut and I took the rest to go (which I enjoyed later that night).

After Top Pot we headed to the hotel where the wedding party was staying.  We were very lucky to find the bride and groom having a leisurely breakfast along with some of our other friends.  It was great to be able to sit and talk with them and some of their family members for awhile.  The day of the wedding was so busy that we didn’t get a chance to catch up.  So I was very grateful they had some time to spare on Sunday to chat for awhile.  I’m sure they were exhausted and ready to get back to normal life.

Around lunch time a group of us decided to head back down to the Pike Place Market to get something to eat and walk around.  We tried to find a fish and chips vendor that the groom recommended but when we couldn’t find it, we decided to go to a bar and grill (of which I forget the name).  We had a large party and were able to sit in the bar for a long time chatting and eating and drinking.

Side note:  I noticed that restaurants in Seattle have a lot more vegetarian options than restaurants in Kansas City.  At a bar and grill in KC I would be lucky to find a veggie sandwich or a veggie burger.  The only option I would probably get is a weak salad.  At this bar and grill in Seattle there were several vegetarian options including a veggie burger, veggie wrap, and veggie nachos.  I was excited to have a choice!  (I also eat fish and there were lots of fish options too.)

After lunch we broke off into smaller groups to walk around the market.  The flowers there were gorgeous.

We saw the original Starbucks:

A lot of people were getting their picture taken in front of it.  I’ll tell you people in Seattle are serious about their coffee.

We found a neat park next to the market where a lot of people were hanging out and there was a view of the water.  I took a bunch of pictures but none of them really turned out that great.  But here is a neat picture of a different sign for the market with the water in the background:

About 4:30pm the group broke up and me and my travel companions Em, Jen and their daughters headed back to the hotel.  At this point I was completely and totally wiped.  I think it was all the walking on Saturday, dancing at the wedding and more walking on Sunday that did me in.  I fell asleep at the hotel pretty quickly.  Jen headed out to meet up with some other friends and Em hung out with her sister in the hotel lobby for awhile.  I was able to get some much needed rest!

Later when they came back we ordered pizza and then got ready to come home, repacking suitcases and cleaning up. 

Monday was pretty much a travel day.  I got up early to take Em to the airport to catch her flight and then Jen and I went to the airport later in the morning for our own flights.  Mine was later than Jen’s which worked out great because I was able to help her out a little bit with the baby and all the baby gear.  We had some breakfast in the airport and then went our separate ways.  My flight home was very uneventful and I was very glad that Benzo picked me up.  I was way too tired to drive home!

To wrap up here is a picture of my lovely friends.  I have known these girls for 12-13 years now and we were all roommates with each other at some point during our college lives.

Now that we are all married we don’t have any more weddings as excuses to get together.  We will have to actually plan something from now on.  And finally a picture of the two cutest travel companions ever:

Kaia is sitting and Addison is lying.  I miss them already and can’t wait to see them this summer (and introduce them to Baby Boy!!!).


4 thoughts on “Seattle Wrap Up

  1. Amy, I loved reading your Seattle adventures! I love that city!! I have more ideas for places to go when I’m there next. Also, you ladies look so good! There are some serious drawbacks ab0ut living in an exotic, foreign land… wish I could see you guys in person instead of just seeing you all via blog posts. I hope I’m on a get together list if you have one in the next few years… how’s Hawaii for a meeting place??

      1. And believe it or not… it’s pretty easy to get there from Japan… reunion trip to Hawaii after babes are a bit older, maybe!?!?

  2. What a great trip! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Seattle, but never been. I loved reading about your fun there. Those flowers are beautiful!!

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