Seattle – Day 1

Yesterday was a great first day in Seattle.  I’ve never actually been to the northwest part of the country before so I was excited to finally get off the plane and see the city.  Two of my friends picked me up at the airport and we headed back to our hotel first.  Did I mention that they are each traveling with a baby?  One had a 7 month old and one has a 2 month old.  So our little group is three women (one pregnant) and two babies.  It’s really fun to hang with the babies and I’m enjoying getting mom tips from them. 

After some hotel time we needed lunch so we headed out towards Pike Place Market.  It’s basically a huge indoor market in a really neat part of town.  We walked around a little bit first. 

The fruit and vegetable stands looked amazing.

There was so much fresh fish!

Then we had lunch at the Pike Place Bar and Grill.  The staff was really nice and I had a crab cake sandwich that was delish.  After lunch we walked back towards the car and stopped in a chocolate shop along the way. 

The babies needed a break then so we headed back to the hotel.  Then one of my friends headed out to the rehersal dinner with her baby so the remaining three of us decided to hit up the Elliot Bay Book Company, which is a huge independent bookstore. 

We spent at least an hour in there looking at books.  I really liked that there were these tags along all the shelves with recommendations and explanations by the staff.

After dinner we walked around the corner to the Mediterranean Express, thanks to the Urban Spoon app. 

It had a high rating and we were in the mood for Mediterranean food.  It was great!  About $10 per plate and we got a ton of food.  I had the falafel plate and my friend had a gyro plate.  The service was great and the restaurant was very clean.  I would definitely recommend this place!

That was all for yesterday.  Today has been great so far.  It’s sunny which is wonderful after yesterday’s rain.  We’ve already been on two walks to fun places and are getting ready to head out again soon!


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