The Crib Story

Let’s take a little break from food posts for a personal story.

For the past week or so I’ve been stressin’ about Baby Boy’s crib.  At the beginning of the year a family at our church offered to give us their crib that they no longer needed.  We were very excited and thankful – a free crib!  One less thing to worry about!  Awhile later we arranged to go pick up the crib.  We loaded up all the pieces and brought them home.  The crib pieces were beautiful.  It was a cherry-finish, sleigh-style crib. 

We didn’t set up the crib right away because we still had some things to do in the room that will be the nursery.  Cleaning out junk, trim painting and carpet shampooing, which took a week or so.  Once all that was done I couldn’t wait any longer and begged Benzo to set up the crib.  Having a crib in the room would make it start to feel like a real nursery!  So he started bringing the pieces up from where we were storing them in the basement and I started pulling out the instructions and hardware.

I hadn’t thought too much about a dresser for the nursery at this point.  I figured once we had the crib I would try to find something that somewhat matched on Craigslist if possible, and if not we could buy something new.  When I pulled out the crib assembly instructions I saw the brand and model number right on the front.  I thought, “Oh!  Let me look online to see if a matching dresser is still available!” 

I typed the brand and model number into Google.  Guess what was the first link to pop up? 


I was crushed.  😦  This beautiful, cherry, sleigh crib had been recalled a couple years ago, which means we won’t be able to use it for Baby Boy.  It also meant that we now needed to find another crib.  I had not thought about cribs at all or done any research since I thought I had one.  I thought well maybe I can get one on Craigslist. 

That night I decided to consult the book Baby Bargains to see what it had to say about cribs.  A couple of friends had recommended that book and I scored a used copy of the 2008 edition recently.  So what did Baby Bargains have to say about cribs?  Well one of the very first sentences, in big bold print, was “Don’t buy a used or old crib.  And don’t take a hand-me-down from a well-meaning friend or relative.”

Well crap!  No used cribs?  Seriously?  Over the next few days the more I thought about it, the more I got wigged out about used cribs after the whole recall debacle and what Baby Bargains said.  Benzo and I talked a lot about it and pretty much decided to get a new crib, and likely a new matching dresser.  We started researching online first.

Baby Bargains said it can take several weeks to get nursery furniture.  Stores typically don’t have nursery furniture in stock and have to order it from the manufacturer.  That can take several weeks, sometimes 8-10!  I confirmed this with my friend Kelly who had a baby last fall.  She said her nursery furniture did indeed take many weeks to arrive and she was glad she had ordered it early.  At this point I only had 13 weeks until Baby Boy is due to arrive.  Eeep!

We researched online all week and then planned to make a trip to the furniture store on Thursday night this past week.  Then we had a snow/ice storm so we couldn’t go anywhere.  Friday night it was!  We made it up there and wandered around the baby section to see what we liked and what was in our price range.  We decided that if we were going to buy new furniture, we wanted furniture that would last our child a very long time.  So we settled on a crib that converts to a full-sized bed and a chest of drawers.  Originally I was sure I wanted a dresser that could be used as a changing table.  But the dresser had very little storage.  An older child would not be able to fit very many clothes in few tiny drawers and cabinet.  So I decided the tall chest would be better as it had a lot more storage and would evenutally be more appropriate for an older child.  I could easily get a used changing table that we could use for awhile and pass on to someone else.

We settled on the Westwood Jonesport convertible crib and chest.  Here are some pictures from their website:

As a bonus, Baby Bargains gave Westwood at A!  Okay this post is getting really long, considering its only about a crib!  I’ll try to wrap it up…

Amazingly both pieces were in stock!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was sure we would have to order it and wait a few weeks at least.  The saleslady told us the measurements of the furniture and Benzo thought it would fit in the back of our SUV.  We paid for the furniture (after another debacle at the checkout register because the saleslady had given us slips for two dressers instead of a crib and a dresser) and drove around to the pick-up area.  The guys bring out the furniture and it is quite obvious that neither piece is going to fit.  The crib was in a huge flat box and the dresser was also in a box.  So frustrating!  So we left empty-handed and said we would be back the next day.

The next morning Benzo drove across town to borrow a truck from a friend.  Then he headed up to the furniture store.  On the way it started to rain and the windshield wiper on the truck didn’t work!  Benzo had to stop at Walmart and buy a wrench to tighten a bolt so the wiper would work.  Then he realized the bed of the truck was full of snow from the snow storm on Thursday.  So he had to stop again and get a broom to sweep out the snow and a tarp to cover the wet bed.  Finally he managed to pick up the furniture and bring it home and unload it into the garage.  Whew!

Luckily there were no issues with setting up the crib.  I was too excited and Benzo was nice enough to oblige me and set up the crib that day (yesterday).  It feels so much more official now that we have a crib in the house.  I can’t wait to put all the little clothes and baby things in the dresser!

So that is the story of the crib.  I feel a lot less stressed now that the nursery is coming together. 

Questions for you.  What do you think of used cribs?  Would you use a used crib?  Honestly I think if you acquired a crib from a trusted source and were sure there weren’t any recalls and it met all the safety regulations, I don’t see any problems with a used crib.  But would you get a used crib from a stranger off Craigslist?  What about a used crib mattress?  We were given the mattress with the recall crib and it does fit snugly in the new crib.  Should we use it or get a new one?  I’m undecided!


6 thoughts on “The Crib Story

  1. I stressed so much about a crib with my first, it was a huge deal! Then he was born and ended up being very high needs and wouldn’t sleep without us. So we adjusted our own sleeping arrangements and now have a king and a queen mattress on the floor squished together so us, our toddler and our new baby all fit. The whole nursery is disassembled and in storage. *sigh*

  2. Yikes! What a story! We had MANY used baby items for N, but a crib wasn’t one of them. In fact, my in-laws picked up a *FREE* crib off the side of the road & we refused to let them keep it for him @ their house (measured the slats – I think MY head could fit through there!). I will say, though, that a friend was getting rid of her crib & we did buy it for my parents to have at their house (+ the mattress). I don’t think I would use it for my house & everyday use, just in case, but I really trust this friend and searched online for recalls first. As for the mattress, I would probably use the one given to me! (Although I will tell you, after two using our mattress, it is pretty smooshed & used! Poor 3rd kid…)
    Glad you are getting things set up & ready! What a good feeling!!!

  3. I have the crib from my baby-years. Granted this it NOT a used crib by strangers or other people, only my sister and I slept in it. My mom and I set it up two weekends ago, and yes, it is a crib that has been discontinued and suggested that people NOT use. I am going to use it regardless, because I feel that if I was safe and sound in it and nothing disastrous happened to me (as I’m living a perfectly fine adult-hood) then nothing will happen to my child. If we pay appropriate attention to the child and not use it as the ONLY place the child is left. But that is just me, and my opinion. As for a used mattress, you don’t know how many different children have slept on it, especially if it was in a church nursery, while I might consider, I would definitely get a Mattress cover and I would want a snug fit in the crib. Best wishes to you and your growing family.

  4. We’ve decided not to have a crib – babies and small children will sleep with us.
    However, if we were to have a crib we would only consider taking a newer one from a trusted friend and double check all the safety features. The recall issue is a big no no, obviously. Good thing you found that. 🙂
    A mattress that looks and smells new is as good as new to me!

    It’s many more months until we are this close to welcoming our first child.
    I enjoy following other young families like you.
    Thanks you and congrats!

  5. Wow, I am completely amazed that already TWO people have said that baby doesn’t even sleep in the crib but with mama and daddy. I’m just so used to being a little less mainstream in how Jason and I parent. Now you have three who will say the same thing. Kaia has not once slept in her crib. It had boxes that needed to go up in the attic for several months. She sleeps with us.

    But about the used crib thing. We have a crib. It belonged to my sister. I honestly see no problem with using a used crib and I’m wondering why your source said it was a no-no. I would totally buy a used one off Craiglist with no second thought either. In that case, I would probably buy a new mattress, but if the crib and mattress came from a trusted friend, and you know who has used it, then I don’t see any problem with using it in your crib.

    As for the one you have that was recalled. I think that you should find a store that sells/sold that crib (Babies R Us, WalMart, Target, whatever). Often, you can take back the recalled item in exchange for store credit.

  6. I’m sorry the original crib was recalled. Andrew’s crib was also recalled. That was after he had successfully used, chewed and broken it… The broken part I was not happy about but it ended up being a blessing because we got all of our money back!

    In regards to a used crib, I would, if I knew it had not been recalled etc. However, my MIL still has the crib that all 3 of her boys used, which I think is a death trap, but I don’t have much choice and my kids have both used it and are just fine. I would not use it everyday but for occasional naps I’m okay. I also insist that that at the first whimper someone goes in and gets the child just in case!

    I’ve been told not to re-use mattresses. Something about it leading to SIDS. I doubt it has anything to do with SIDS, but I did buy a new mattress for #2… just to be on the safe side. Good luck with all of those big decisions, they don’t end any time soon!

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