Curtain Tie Backs

I suddenly have a bit of time to myself this morning and thought I would write up this blog that's been sitting in my head for awhile. Benzo took the big kid to an art class and the little one is asleep in the swing next to me. I should probably clean up the pile… Continue reading Curtain Tie Backs


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies

One of the lactation consultants gave me this recipe during our hospital stay after I delivered Little Brother.  I made them within a couple days of coming home. Nursing has gone pretty smoothly for me this time (knock on wood) but I still thought it couldn't hurt to get a boost from the right foods. … Continue reading Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies


How I Cloth Diaper As a Working Mom

My son is almost 7 months old and has been cloth diapered since he was a month old.  My husband and I both work full-time jobs so our son goes to daycare 5 days a week.  I used to think cloth diapering was only for stay-at-home moms.  But it's not.  Cloth diapering is actually very easy and… Continue reading How I Cloth Diaper As a Working Mom