Will Travel With Food

So I mentioned in my last post that Benzo and I went away to a cabin last weekend.  It was kind of a secluded cabin close to a lake that had a full kitchen.  Which meant that we would be making all of our food since there were no restaurants nearby.  Not that we wanted to eat out anyway!  Part of the getaway weekend was staying in the cabin the whole time and not getting in the car to go anywhere except home on Sunday.

Since we would not be leaving once we arrived, I had to plan an entire menu of food for the weekend.  All meals per day plus any snacks we might want.  It was actually more difficult that I originally thought.  Since I knew I wouldn’t have my entire kitchen at my disposal, I tried to plan easy meals that did not require a ton of different ingredients so that I wouldn’t have to pack a lot of different things.  Even though I carefully planned and packed, I still forgot a few items!

I hope to post the meal plan from the weekend soon, but there was one tip I wanted to go ahead and share now:  When traveling with food you plan to cook or bake, it helps to make your own dry mixes in advance.

For example, I planned to make cornbread on Friday night.  Instead of buying a cornbread mix to take to the cabin, I simply mixed the dry ingredients in a container on Friday morning.  Then I labeled it with the rest of the directions and voila!  My own cornbread mix.

This saved me from having to lug my entire container of flour and cornmeal to the cabin.  And it also allowed me to get the cornbread into the oven a lot quicker since half of it was already mixed up. 

I did the same thing with the pancakes I made on Saturday morning:

Having the mix ready to go made pancakes a really easy, yet yummy and special breakfast for our getaway weekend.

I will definitely be using this method when we visit the cabin again.  It will work for almost anything, but be sure to read the recipe directions first to make sure you can combine the dry ingredients in advance.  I had also planned to make pumpkin muffins last weekend, which required the butter and sugar to be creamed before adding anything else.  In that case I left the sugar out of the dry ingredients and packed it separately.

Do you ever stay at a place with a kitchen when you travel?  I love to have a kitchen when I travel!  I just hate being so reliant on restaurant food and like to be able to have something on my own if I want to.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday.  This week is going by fast!


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