Weed Whacker

Wow it’s Sunday night already.  The weekend is OVER already!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today I spent some time working in the garden, trying to whack down all the weeds I was lamenting over last weekend.  I made a little headway but I still have a lot of work to do. 

While I was weeding I found this:

A pretty good sized watermelon!  I had no idea this guy was hiding in all the weeds so I was pretty excited to find him.  He’s about the size of a bowling ball.  I was able to get all the weeds cleared away:

I didn’t pick him yet, but I’ll be watching him over the next week or so.  I have the worst luck picking ripe watermelons so I’m always afraid to cut them off the vine too early.

I also found several more pumpkins and what I think is a young cantaloupe:

The cantaloupe is a little larger than a softball.  Fingers crossed that it keeps on growing!

I also found a tomato plant growing right out of the side of my compost bin:

See the stem is growing out from between the slats:

Crazy!  The plant doesn’t have any tomatoes yet but it does have a couple of flowers. 

Speaking of tomatoes, I finally have some that are turning red:

As long as my roma tomatoes survive the weed invasion, I’ll be a happy gardener.  I use the romas to make all my sauces and crushed tomatoes for the rest of the year.  I’d hate to have to go back to buying canned!

The pineapple heirloom tomatoes are getting HUGE.  But they are still green….

The pineapple tomato plants and the big boy tomato plants are pulling their cages over cause they are so heavy with fruit.  Benzo and I are going to stake them back up tomorrow after work.

And then I saw this pretty yellow grasshopper sitting on the dried dill plants:

He is neat looking, but to be honest grasshoppers kind of creep me out.  I get a little case of the heebie jeebies just looking at them!

Well it’s getting late so I better get to bed.  I want to start the week out on the right foot!


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