Cute Curried Lentils

Last night I came home and immediately went to work in the yard (after changing my clothes first of course!).  The front flower bed that we cleaned out and planted back in April had gotten a bit out of control again around the edges.  I pulled weed after weed after weed and got covered with mud and mulch.  I was going to mow the grass after that but by the time I was done weeding it was 7:30!

I came in and immediately took a shower since I was covered in dirt.  Then I needed a quick dinner because by that time it was getting close to 8pm.  I decided to make Lentil Curry in a Hurry from Go Dairy Free.

This recipe called for red lentils instead of the usual brown.  I must say, red lentils are way cuter than brown lentils!

This recipe lived up to it’s name.  It was really fast and easy to pull together.  I only had to chop half an onion.  Which was so strong by the way that I had tears running down my cheeks by the time I was done.  Yowsa.  I was glad I only needed 1/2 a cup.

The recipe said to serve the curry with rice, but I didn’t feel like cooking rice so I had mine in a pita with a bit of spinach.  It was delicious!  I had two of these by the way.  Plus some leftover stir-fry vegetables.  Apparently I worked up an appetite weeding the flower bed.

I’m sorry I can’t share the recipe, but I would like to say that I’ve really enjoyed Go Dairy Free.  I checked it out from the library and I’ve renewed it the maximum number of times now.  It’s actually a day late already so I have to turn it back in today.  😦  I liked it so much that I’m thinking about buying it though.  It has a very informative section on dairy and health and then tons of great looking recipes in the second half.  I also liked that it has a lot of very basic recipes for dairy substitutes like homemade oat, rice or nut milks and homemade cheezes and creamy sauces.

Besides, how could I not buy a book with the recipe for the best chocolate cake ever?


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