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Must Be Zucchini Season

People must be picking a lot of zucchini these days because I’m getting more hits than usual on zucchini:

Zucchini grows like crazy and once it starts coming, it just doesn’t stop until the bugs get to it.  I’ve given away several of our giant zucchinis from Friday night and we’ve eaten several and we still have a couple left in the fridge. 

In case you are wondering, here are the posts these people were probably searching for:

Mexican Zucchini Casserole

How to Preserve Zucchini – I will note that I’ve found frozen zucchini to only work well in soups, zucchini pie (see below) or baked goods.  Frozen zucchini does not work well sauteed or in a stir-fry, at least in my experience.  There’s too much water in it, so when it thaws out it just becomes mushy. 

If you have a lot of zucchini in your garden, here are some more zucchini recipes:

Summer Stew

Zucchini brownie/cake

Zucchini Pie

And of course, my favorite way to eat zucchini.

Please share any other zucchini recipes you love!  It’s high zucchini season and everyone is trying to figure out how to use ’em up!

3 thoughts on “Must Be Zucchini Season

  1. I was one of the people over the weekend- I have picked 7 zucchini in the last 2 days and as you know that is just a start- I LOVE zucchini…I see the mexican casserole- looks fabulous!!

  2. I love zucchini 🙂 I have one – favorite but very very simple recipe.
    Slice zucchini. It must be Medium or small sized zucchini – skin must be soft. Thickness of slices – about 1 – 1,5 centimeter.
    One or two raw eggs. Spice eggs with salad and pepper and mix white of egg and yolk and spices together (using fork) . Every slice of zucchini dip in egg and next coat a slice with bread crumbs – I do it twice for every slice thx that it taste great.
    Then fry on frying pan using oil. 🙂

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