Don’t Turn Your Back on Them

Remember a week ago when I picked the first little zucchini?  It was small but I was happy because I knew zucchini would be plentiful in a few weeks?  Try ONE WEEK.

Tonight I picked seven very large zucchinis!  I had also picked another large one earlier this week.  These zucchinis along with that one totaled TEN POUNDS.

What the heck am I going to do with ten pounds of zucchini?  I turn my back on them for 2 measely days and this is what I get?!  

Also pictured from left to right are two turnips, a pile of dill, a few green beans, a few strawberries and a bunch of kale.  Not pictured are more potatoes that I dug up as well.

I know a lot of zucchini recipes but this is a little ridiculous.  If anyone has any great zucchini recipes please send them my way.  I will make zucchini bread tomorrow or Sunday, but that will probably only use up half of one!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Turn Your Back on Them

  1. Slice them with yellow squash, and saute in olive oil with garlic. Once they are slightly browned and cooked through remove from heat and stir in shredded Mozzerella! Yum!

  2. Grilling zucchini slices is on the docket for tonight for sure. The larger ones are great for grilling. I made zucchini pancakes this morning. They were pretty good….I’ll post about them soon.

  3. I grate zucchini not just for zucchini bread, but also to throw in spaghetti sauce, chili, meatloaf. It basically disappears but you are still getting some nutrients.

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