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Veggie Sub Special at Planet Sub

In honor of the fact that it is Friday and I’ve officially survived my first week back at work after my vacation, I took myself out to lunch at Planet Sub.  Planet Sub started in Lawrence, KS (right outside Kansas City and the home of KU) and has expanded to many locations in the midwest.  I like Planet Sub because they have a whole section of vegetarian subs!  Most sandwich places have the one, solo, lonely veggie sandwich on their menu.  And at most places that’s fine, but sometimes it’s nice to have a choice.  Planet Sub has TEN different veggie subs to choose from!

Today I had the Planet Veggie sandwich without the cheese.  It’s red peppers, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and a tangy olive spread.  And it’s hot.  I mean temperature hot, not spicy hot.  They warm it up in the oven.  It doesn’t sound like much but it was very delicious and filled it me up pretty good.  I did not miss the cheese at all.

When I was ordering my sandwich the guy at the counter said “Did you know that on Thursdays all our half veggie subs are only $3?”  And I responded with “But today is Friday” and a blank stare.  Which he countered with “Well I just wanted to let you know for next time.”

Oh, right, okay.  It is Friday and my brain is already halfway into the weekend.  That was nice of him to mention the deal because my sandwich was awesome and I will totally hit up the $3 veggie sub special on Thursdays in the future.  I usually bring my lunch to work, but there are days when we don’t have any leftovers and I don’t feel like making anything.  Hopefully those days fall on Thursdays from now on.  Ha.  This would also be a cheap dinner for Benzo and I one Thursday night when neither of us feel like cooking.

I do not know if all Planet Sub locations offer this special, so you might want to call ahead to your nearest location if you want to take advantage.


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