Beans Green

Tonight I went out to the garden to dig my plants out from the thick blanket of weeds that grew over them while I was on vacation.  I worked for about 2 hours and only got a small section done!  This is going to take several days unfortunately.

When I freed the bush beans from their weed prison I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were several beans ready to pick.  The first of the season!  I grabbed them along with a few strawberries that were around the edge of the patch.

Benzo and I started calling green beans “beans green” back in college.  We both took French (I was a French minor) and in French green beans is les haricots verts.  Translated word for word it means “beans green.”  The name sort of stuck and we’ve been calling them that ever since.

The thing about bush beans is that you have to pick the beans off regularly in order to keep the plants producing.  If you don’t pick the beans periodically, not only will the beans grow large and tough but the plants will stop making new beans.  I try to pick beans every other day.  Sometimes every day when they are in the height of production.

There was one bean that was a little too large and should’ve been picked sooner.  Then there were several smaller beans that could’ve stayed on the plants another day or two.  I picked them anyway. 

I ended up with a nice handful of beans and tossed them into a tempeh stir-fry for dinner.  Which reminds me, over on the meals plans tab I posted my meal plan for the week if anyone is interested!

Now that I am getting back into the swing things I hope to be blogging on a more regular schedule.  I may throw some Hawaii posts in here and there since I stopped posting two days into my vacation.  I have some beautiful pictures to share!


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