Shopping & Salad

Hello and happy Saturday to you!  Isn’t Saturday the greatest day?

I’ve been having a good Saturday so far.  This morning I slept in a little then got up when FIL arrived to help Benzo work on the kitchen floor again.  I made a big pot of oatmeal for all of us for breakfast.  I added banana, cinnamon and maple syrup to mine.  After breakfast I changed and left the house with two destinations in mind: the farmers market and Walmart to get a few things we need.

I was going to hit up our local farmers market but when I drove by it looked like only crafts people and not many actual farmers.  So I kept on driving and went to a bigger market that’s a little bit further away.  It was packed!  Much more so than 2 weeks ago.  Walking into the market I passed a booth set up by some BBQ people and they had a smoker that was painted pink and decorated to look like a pig.  I wished I had my camera to take a picture of it.

I found lots of goodies at the market.  Here’s my haul for the day:

Cucumber – 1.00
Bunch of green onions – $0.50
Asparagus – $3.00
Sweet Potatoes – $3.00
Bag o’ Spinach – $3.00

Total spent: $10.50

I was excited to find the sweet potatoes.  The sign said “locally grown” so I asked the guy and he said they were his own sweet potatoes from last year.  I don’t care that they were stored all winter!  I’m sure they will be great.  And I got ALL of them for $3.00!

Another highlight of the farmers market was that the guy with the sweet potatoes remembered me from last year.  He said “it’s nice to see you again!”  I don’t know his name and he doesn’t know mine but I bought from him a lot last year and it’s nice that he recognized me.  I’m sure he sees so many faces at the market every weekend.

After the market I fully intended on just going to Walmart and then going home.  But since I had gone to this other market I happened to drive by DSW on the way back.  So I stopped.  Never to early to shop for shoes!  I am actually looking for some all-purpose sandals to take to Hawaii.  Since we are carrying on all our luggage I am limited on the amount of shoes I can pack.  I need sandals that look good with pants, skirts, shorts, dresses – everything!  Oh and I’m very picky about my shoes.  I don’t want leather and I don’t like anything between my toes (so no flip flops) and I want a flat or tiny wedge.  Could I make it any more difficult on myself?  Needless to say I did not find anything at DSW so I left.

Then I was in the shopping mood so I went to Payless (where I actually found the desired sandals – score!), then Target (bought a dress) and then I finally made it to Walmart.  I’m not normally such a shopper but this upcoming trip has turned me into a shop-zilla.

By the time I got home I was famished and made a kick-butt salad for lunch:

Local spinach with orange bell pepper, sunflower seeds and homemade dressing with carrot sticks and a blob of hummus.  My body has been craving salads lately.  I think it’s because of the spring weather and the fact that lettuce and spinach are in season now.  When you eat with the seasons, I think you start to crave with the seasons too!  Or maybe I don’t have any idea what I’m talking about.  🙂

This weekend is supposed to be BIG PLANTING WEEKEND in the garden.  Since today is May 1st we are past the danger of frost (ie. frost-free) and can plant lots more things in the garden such as zucchini, green beans, corn, cucumbers, melons as well as transplant tomatoes and peppers.  However it rained a bunch yesterday so the garden may be too wet for planting.  I’m headed out there to check it out now.


3 thoughts on “Shopping & Salad

  1. It sounds like a lovely Saturday! 🙂 I completely agree with you about craving more salads and fresh produce lately. I think a couple posts ago I was wondering if it was just me or it was normal!

  2. I grew up tending a booth at the Overland Park Farmers Market because my Dad has a bunch of greenhouses and I must say, I remembered faces quite well because there were so many regulars. I loved seeing them each year!

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