There’s Canola Oil in My Bathroom

Good afternoon!  It’s lunch time and I’m at my friendly neighborhood library.  I love spending my lunch hour at the library, but there’s one thing I hate.  Parking!  The parking is atrocious here!  There are hardly any close spots and they are almost always full.  I usually have to park at least a block away.  I know, I get good exercise and fresh air by making the short walk, but when you only have an hour for lunch, every minute is precious!

Anywho, today I thought I would share a product that I starting using a couple weeks ago in my beauty routine.  Canola oil!

What in the world could I be using canola oil for you ask?  Well I’m certainly not cooking up my breakfast in the bathroom.

See a couple months ago I got some new mascara.  Movie Mom started selling Avon last December, so when I ran out of my usual mascara I decided to order some from her (she gives me a daughter discount).  Well this new mascara is great except I quickly found out that it is impossible to get off my eye lashes!  I don’t normally use eye make-up remover but I got tired of scrubing the heck out of my eyes just to get this stuff off.

About that same time, a new reader named Estrella left me a comment on one of my posts.  I clicked over to her blog to check it out and one of the first posts I saw was about homemade eye make-up remover.  Perfecto!  Just what I needed

After reading through her post I then googled homemade eye make-up remover and found that just about any oil will work.  So instead of buying a bunch of new ingredients I decided to test out what I had on hand first. 

I went to my pantry and pulled out the canola oil.  Just the regular old canola oil I use for cooking and baking.  I carried it back to the bathroom and put a dab on a cotton ball.  Swiped it across my eye and eye make-up be gone!  It worked like a charm, though it left oil on my face of course.  I just washed it off with my favorite soap when I washed the rest of my face.

I tried the canola oil a few times and decided I liked it.  Next I tried olive oil.  It worked just as well, the only problem for me was the smell.  I smelled like salad.  And cooking.  Canola oil doesn’t have much of a smell but olive oil sure does.  I decided that it wasn’t for use in my bathroom.

So on the next trip to the grocery store I purchased a small bottle of organic canola oil to keep in the bathroom with the rest of my beauty goodies.  It was $4.99.  And although it’s a small bottle of canola oil, it’s large compared to bottles of eye make-up remover.  And cheaper!  This bottle will last me a long time.  (And a separate bottle will keep Benzo from asking “where’s the canola oil?” when he’s trying to make dinner and me responding “in the bathroom…”)

My googling of homemade eye make-up remover told me that you can even mix different oils together to get a recipe that you like.  So if you feel so inclined try mixing two together like grapeseed and canola or olive and canola (maybe that would cut down on the smell!).

Has anyone else ever made homemade eye make-up remover?  Care to share your recipe?


3 thoughts on “There’s Canola Oil in My Bathroom

  1. I totally just use coconut oil to get my mascara off. I have to use waterproof mascara because I’m not kidding my eyes were designed to make sleepies and if I’m wearing regular mascara my sleepies are black! Gross!

    I use coconut oil for everything though so it works out nicely.

  2. Amy, I use coconut oil as a eye makeup remover, facial moisturizer, body moisturizer and a deep hair conditioner. Oh and on my feet before bed to soften them. I have a faint smell of coconut, like I’m ready for the beach. Works wonderful!

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