Rain, Rain Go Away!

Until today, I had not been out to the garden since last Wednesday. This is what I found in the rain gauge when I went out there this afternoon:

From last Thursday through Saturday night we got almost FIVE inches of rain. I think it might have been the remanents of tropical storm Lowell (from the Pacific) but I’m not completely sure. It was not the remanents of hurricane Ike. That went east of us.

Needless to say the garden is completely waterlogged. Luckily the plants did not suffer any major damage. A couple were leaning over but that can be fixed.

I snapped a few quick pictures. The beans are pretty much done. They look really, really sad. Mostly just a bunch of dead branches sticking up in the air. Not many leaves left. The only beans that are growing are turning yellow before they get very big.

The watermelon patch is also dying out. I haven’t seen any new watermelons for several weeks now. In the picture below the roma tomatoes are to the left and each plant has several dead branches. The zinnias are to the right and they are doing fairly well. I need to cut them back a bit in a next few days.

The sunflowers no longer have blooms. They just have big giant heads. They really did get to be 12 feet tall though which is just amazing.

I also spotted several mushrooms when I was walking out to the garden this afternoon. I’m not a mushroom eater so I have no idea what kind these are.

I just checked the forecast and we are supposed to get sun for the next five days. Thank goodness! Honestly I don’t think the plants have enjoyed all this rain.


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