CSA: Week 8

Finally some new stuff in the CSA share this week! Tonight I received:

Turnips with greens
Yellow squash
Banana pepper
Sweet basil

I was happy to see a yellow squash for a change. I’ve about had enough zucchini and it’s only been seven days since I picked the first ones. I’m not quite sure what to do with this banana pepper so if anyone has any suggestions please pass them along. By next week we are supposed to have some larger shares.

Tonight I picked three more zucchini and 90 bush beans! It rained like crazy this afternoon. The rain gauge showed an inch and a half of rain so it was really muddy out there. I just put on my boots and slogged through it. I read somewhere that you are not supposed to touch the leaves of bean plants when they are wet because you might pass bacteria or something on to them. I was afraid though that if I missed a day of picking green beans that the production might slow down or else I would have twelve inch long beans. So I decided to risk it and picked through them anyway. Ninety beans later I was covered in mud and ready to go inside. I didn’t have the energy to wash, blanch and freeze them tonight though. I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

My bush bean plants have also started to lay down. Is this normal once the plants start producing beans? It started with one plant, then two and now a bunch of them are leaning over on the ground. They still seem to be producing beans just fine though so I guess I won’t worry too much about it.

I also noticed that we have an eggplant growing! It’s been wrapped up in it’s flower for days but I noticed the base of the flower swelling and swelling and finally today I could see some shiny purple skin peeking through. I will post a picture once there is more to see.

The watermelons are even bigger today than yesterday. I’m going to have to start posting a little update on the garden almost daily now since there is so much activity going on. I’m going out of town this weekend so I’ll be away from the garden for three days. The watermelons will probably be as big as bowling balls by the time I get back. Ha.

Current zucchini count – 18
Bush bean count – 193

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